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I originally started selling on eBay because I had been frustrated with the options and pricing I found when I was looking to expand my own library. I had no interest in DVDs or even regular Blu-ray formats but searching online for quality used 4K movies was never easy. Sellers had them all mixed together.

Selling on eBay was going well for a while but with their fee schedules and very limited selling layouts, promotions, etc., I decided to start my own site where I could sell new & used 4K films.

Through wholesale distribution, I'm able to pass on what I save to my customers and while I still do some sales on eBay (slipcovers & memorabilia), my attention is focused on creating the best experience I can here.

I try to go above and beyond what you would experience online or at big-box stores. Sure, low prices are great but I try to do more. Things like same-day free shipping and constant promotions not only attract new customers but keep my old ones coming back again and again.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my small online shop and I look forward to serving you for years to come!

-Corey Boots, proprietor 

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