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Just like the past couple months, no new films have reached the theater for us to sit back and relax while watching a summer blockbuster. There has been some success with on-demand releases. Earlier in the Spring, the release of Trolls: World Tour took in $95 million dollars without even being in theater! Usually the Summer is one of the best times for huge box-office action films to drop but of course this year was an exception to that and as such, there aren’t many new movies that will be released on 4K this month.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to look forward, though. In fact, quite the opposite! This month we will see some awesome re-releases of older movies on 4K for the first time and even some new collectible SteelBooks for those older movies.

The first movie I’m most excited for is the 4K release of Beetlejuice from 1988. The SteelBook artwork is absolutely gorgeous but seeing Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder in some of their most popular roles in stunning 4K will be one of the highlights of my month! This Tim Burton release will have the usual two discs, one 4K and one Blu-Ray as well as the digital version for those of us who like to keep our libraries safe on the cloud. There isn’t any news on special features as of now, but I would certainly expect some fun extras! Beetlejuice will be an exclusive Best Buy 4K SteelBook released on their website and in store on September 1st.

For fans of horror movies, perhaps the most iconic horror movie of all time is seeing its own 4K release as well. Psycho is only one of four movies in the very exciting “Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection” in UHD. This awesome collection will also include three of Hitchcock’s most famous and revered movies: Rear Window, Vertigo, and The Birds. From Universal Studios, this four-movie collection is an absolute crowd-pleaser. While Psycho is of course a great movie, my personal favorite of the collection is Rear Window featuring Jimmy Stewart as a wheelchair-bound photographer who is convinced one of his neighbors is a murderer after secretly spying on them. Although released in 1954, this exciting thriller will force you to the edge of your seat just as it’s done for more than 50 years. This collection will be available to purchase on the 8th of September.

The last release I’ll discuss in detail is another gorgeous SteelBook release of an old classic. The Rocky Horror Picture Show will celebrate its 45th anniversary this year and although it’s not a 4K release (who knows why not), I still think this will be another great addition to anyone’s SteelBook collections. When it was released back in 1975, audiences were not only allowed, but encouraged to bring along their own props to play along with what was happening in the movie! When a storm surges in one of the scenes in the movie, patrons would shoot water-guns in the air over the entire theater audience to get everybody soaked, just like the characters in the movie. I’m disappointed there has never been a 4K release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show but who knows… maybe for it’s 50th anniversary in five years’ time? You can pick up the 45th anniversary edition of this movie on September 15th.

September will surely be a great (although expensive) month to pick up re-releases of old classics finally re-released in 4K. Perhaps the best gangster film of all time, Goodfellas will have its 4K SteelBook (another Best Buy exclusive) available for purchase on the 15th. Fans of witchcraft and comedy will get a kick out of reliving the hilarity of Hocus Pocus in 4K.

Because this is such a great month for releases, I may end up doing a part two, showing some of the other fun releases this month like The Goonies, Home Alone, and 21 Jump Street.

I know personally I’m definitely going to pick up the Alfred Hitchcock Collection as well as Beetlejuice and maybe one or two of the others for the beautiful SteelBook editions. Which movie are you most excited for in this upcoming month of releases?

 Theaters are set to re-open in September with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet set to be released on the third after being pushed back from its original July release but it’s unknown how many people will actually feel comfortable with sitting in a crowded theater for a couple hours surrounded by strangers. Are you planning on braving it to the cinema to check out Tenet or are you going to stay at home and re-watch some of these classics? If it’s the latter, why not expand your library? Over at, we have over 100 4K titles available, both new and used! We also carry some cool SteelBooks in 4K. Check us out today!


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